SJAM charter

  1. We celebrate the incalculable value to society of museums and their collections.
  2. We recognise that the duty of museums is to enable everyone to learn about the human and natural worlds.
  3. We support the concept of social justice – we believe that the whole of the public is entitled to benefit from access to the resources museums contain and the ideas they provoke.
  4. We acknowledge that many museums have for many years failed to operate for the wider public benefit, and instead have catered primarily for educated minorities. We reject this approach.
  5. We pledge to lead the fight for access to museums for all – this is
    the essence of social justice.

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Social justice for everyone everywhere. Our members are from all around the world.

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Behind the scenes at the 21st Century Museum - Founder SJAM members, the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester and National Museums Liverpool are offering a free online course looking a the role museums will play in the 21st century. You can sign up for the course now!

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