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Historian Phillip Seitz talks about History and Reconstruction

23 January 2015

History and Reconstruction Web

Difficult history is a continuing challenge for museums and other historical organizations. A new project is now testing how such material affects people, and what measures are needed to support them as they learn.

Pew’s Center for Arts and Heritage has funded a project matching academic historians in the field of African American history with Reconstruction, Inc. a grass-roots organization of black ex-offenders, for the purposes of personal transformation and empowerment. Historians have talked to them about (for instance) the early laws of Virginia, and how the colony worked to separate whites and Africans from each other and to enforce evolving regulations controlling black behavior. In this case, the purpose was to look at the origins of state control of racial issues and of structural racism. We had three other sessions as well. Read more…

#Museums respond to Ferguson – Things must change.

15 January 2015

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In December 2014, a group of museum bloggers in the States called for museums to address contemporary issues in the light of events in Ferguson and New York. The aim is to encourage a movement towards greater cultural and racial understanding and  better communication which needs to be supported by the culture and education sector. Museums are central to culture and education, so what should the museum’s role be in addressing difficult contemporary issues?

In these blogs and through a joint Twitter event following #museumsrespondtoferguson, many museums joined the debate, shared ideas and resources. In order to keep the pace with 21st century issues, museums  as education providers must join such debates if they want to have an impact and change lives.

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